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My B.E.S.T.I.E.'s
Money Course™

(Over 67% savings
+ VIP Founding Member Access)

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Subtotal:              $597 USD

Discount:             67% off

Total:                     $197 USD



Your high-interest credit card is a jerk . . .

you deserve better!

And My B.E.S.T.I.E.’s Money Course will be by your side every step of the way.


Whether you want to get expenses on track

or pay off debt faster, this course makes you the

boss of your budget.


Go from broken up over credit to

financially thriving – with enough left over to set aside an emergency fund (because life happens!).


  • 7 HD Video Training Modules

  • Ditching debt roadmap & checklists

  • Budgeting tools & printables

  • Private FB group membership (for accountability & empowerment!)
  • *30-day Money Back Guarantee*


PLUS Score These Bestie Bonuses:

  • Ultimate Guide to Finding Money in Your Budget Today

  • Credit Building Playbook and Toolkit

  • Watch Ashley Budget: free up time and money

  • Three 1-hour group Coaching Calls with Ashley!

  • Done-with-you Money Audit

  • VIP Founding Member BONUS: Organize Your Finances - 1-hr one-on-one Coaching Call with Ashley

  • VIP Founding Member Lifetime Access

*By purchasing the course, you understand you are participating in a presale. You will receive access to course materials and bonuses on Nov 1, 2022

Happy budgeting!
💜 Ashley

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