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My B.E.S.T.I.E.'s
Money Course™

(Over 50% savings
+ VIP Founding Member Access)

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- Offer Ends 7/15/2023 11PM EST -

Get 50% Off

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Subtotal:              $797 USD

Discount:             50% off

Total:                     $397 USD


This offer is not available at this time.


Get Immediate Access: 

7 HD video training modules 

Ditching debt roadmap & checklists

Budgeting tools & printables

Private FB group membership (for accountability & empowerment!) 

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


PLUS Score These Bestie Bonuses:

  • Credit Card Makeover

  • BFF Budget Template

  • BFF Payday Checklist

  • Get a Date With Mr Debtfree

  • Ultimate Guide to Finding Money in Your Budget Today

  • VIP Founding Member Lifetime Access

  • PLUS! 3 one-on-one coaching sessions with me! 

Happy budgeting!
💜 Ashley

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