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I. Absolutely. LOVE personal finances!
Helloooooo! My name is Ashley. I'm in my 30s and living my dream life!

I live in Texas with the loves of my life - my fiancé and our baby boy, Vincent.

I have my Accounting degree, tax prep certificate and I’m half way finished with my personal finance degree.

Personal finances has ALWAYS been a passion of mine.

I grew up often thinking

“Why does money seem to always be a problem or a fight for people?” 😫

That is the reason why I’ve dedicated a lot of my time and my heart to helping friends, family and strangers with their finances.

I’ve created budgets - variable pay vs salary pay; variable expenses and reducing payments.

I’ve tested theories with credit (with my own credit file) - credit cards, credit scores, different lines of credit.

A little more detail below... keep reading.


A mother, Rachel Long, saved her son by making a really tough decision. She tossed him from the 3rd story of burning building while she was on fire. A man caught the boy. Rachel, the mother didn't make it. My heart aches for her husband and children.


Please find any pennies you can and donate to this family.



My friends know - I love talking personal finances, answering financial questions and helping with money goals.

It’s time to take my passion to the next level.

I’ve had clients in the past.

The only thing missing was to put a title to what I love.

Here it is - Financial Coaching!

I’m ready to offer my knowledge, my skills and my passion for personal finances to the world.

I can’t help everyone, but I want to be available to those who I can help.

Now is my time~


2021 - Onward

My goal is to be able to devote myself 100% to financial coaching.

I hope to have helped - let’s put a number to it -

30 people by July 2021

I will be helping people become debt free, save for whatever their heart desires, reduce money stress and/or just be more happy with life overall. I wish to POSITIVELY impact individuals and families by setting them up for FINANCIAL SUCCESS.


Before 2020

I devoted my entire adult life to knowing and doing all things personal finance related...

  • Debt - Getting into it AND paying it off

  • Budgets

  • Playing with credit and credit scores

  • Savings

  • Investments.

At first, I thought that’s what Accountants did, so I got my Accounting degree.

But, bookkeeping wasn’t quite THAT and it wasn't quite what I wanted to do.


Then, I worked on my personal finance degree.

I got part way through it before deciding to start my own business in 2015.

In 2016, I put my business on hold due to a big life change.

I’ve always enjoyed finance talk - it gets me excited and fired up! I budget to de-stress. I’ve been debt free before, but didn’t quite understand the psychology behind money. I ended up in debt, again... well, it’s just about paid off now, but still...

I now understand the behavioral side a lot better.

I’ve seen my credit score jump 80 points by a simple money move.

I’ve seen it fluctuate while transferring balances, consolidating.

I’ve been in pickles with money.

I’ve flipped a house and made a profit.

I’ve refinanced a car.

I’ve saved money on car repairs.

I've been on vacation to Europe on a budget.

This list can go on!

I'm here to share my experiences with you and guide you to your best and happiest financial future.

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