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Budgeting for My Raise!

I just got some really good news that I'm getting a promotion and a raise and I thought, oh, this is a great time to dream with my BFF budget.

"How much more I'm gonna get" and "What this going to look like in the future?"

So, I recorded a video to show you how I kind of forecast/dream with my BFF. The raise is supposed to be about 200 more paycheck after taxes - on top of a merit increase that I got, which was a hundred. Between the end of December and today, I got a $300 raise.

I'm so excited!

I added $200 to my income and then I copy/paste it in future incomes to forecast all the way up into June. I think it's super fun to dream with a budget and think "What if this increases?"

"What is it gonna look like in the future?'

So of course it would be plus $600 a month, but just even knowing specifically how much we'll have leftover after future paydays is super awesome.

In this video, I show you what I like to do when I'm dreaming of the future. If I'm dreaming of applying for a job that's a lot more money, then I'll plug in the numbers in my income row and imagine what I can do with all of that $ and in what amount of time.

I could also take these numbers and go to power and recalculate my debt free date to see how much quicker I can get there now with the my raise.

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