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Shopping Hack!

Budgeting and shopping #hack!

Use stores’ apps to compare prices while sitting on your butt at home and creating a pickup order for each store!



Here’s what you do.

Download Walmart’s app, Kroger’s App, Amazon’s app, {insert store here}’s app.

Now. Shop for... let’s say coffee.

You’re a diehard Folger’s fan and want to know the cheapest/best deal. Maybe you want to stock up, but you’re not sure if it actually saves $ to shop around.

Prices Folger’s 30.5 oz Roast Ground

Walmart - $6.96

Kroger - $6.99 MINUS $1.50 coupon you can add to your kroger plus rewards card

Amazon - $6.92

BUT WAIT! I just saw something on Amazon that caught my eye.

Amazon has a subscription deal for a 3-pack of 22.6 oz tubs for $15.47.

Is that a good deal? Let’s do the math.

Amazon 22.6 oz * 3 = 67.8 oz for $15.47


With coupon, could get 3 of the 30.5 oz tubs (6.99-1.50 coupon) $5.49 each

$5.49*3 = $16.47 for 91.5 oz

You tell me 😉👉

Comparing via apps saves you the multiple trips to compare prices AND saves you money! Shop around! All while sitting on the couch or during work break. ☺️

Apply that to all the things you spend your money on:



Mortgage rates



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