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Lower-interest rates means lower minimum payments

Are you searching for

"Ways to get out of debt"?

"How to get out of debt fast"

"How to lower monthly minimum payments"

and do you feel like you keep running into dead-ends?

Everyone's saying the same things

"Baby steps work!"

"Save for an emergency fund"

"Cut up the credit cards"

yet you're struggling to have any kind of leftover money to do anything with and it just seems impossible.

You've just about surrendered to your debt as if it's just how life is going to be now...

You're stuck in a bad relationship that you've done checked out of a while ago

Well, I created a strategy out of that toxic relationship

You'll want to get your hands on it

You don't HAVE to payoff all your credit card debt right now just to lower your interest rates

You don't have to payoff all your credit card debt right now just to lower your minimum payments

Have you heard of those baby steps our uncle tells us about?

Well, I feel like it's missing a very important step.


If you're paying high-interest rates on credit card debt,

most of that minimum payment is NOT paying down the balance

most of that minimum payment goes toward interest

most of that minimum payment is soul crushing

If you can find some way to increase your credit score, you will get lower-interest rate offers

In the Credit Card Makeover mini course, you'll learn exactly what actions you can take today that would cause your credit score to go UP.... within 90 days!

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