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Welcome To My Office

Personal finances are JUST that - PERSONAL

Each person’s financial situation is different.

I can’t help everyone and no financial plan is a one-size-fits-all kind of deal - NOPE

Scroll down to view the services I offer, but I’ll want to get to know you and your financial challenges before we get started.

To get started right away, I recommend scheduling a free, 30-minute consultation.

I look forward to talking with you!


You’ve reached the bottom of my services page and you’re probably wondering...

“But HOW much?!”

I’m not gonna lie.

This is an investment in your future and it does come at a cost, but not an arm and a leg.

This requires commitment.

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Credit Report Review

Not to be confused with credit repair...

I'll guide you through pulling your credit report and you and I will review everything together.

I’ll answer questions, ask questions and make recommendations on ways to improve your credit.

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Two-hour deep dive into your finances

This session is where we get a clear picture of where you are now, create a plan just for you, grant you that permission to buy that daily coffee or getting that massage you’ve been needing, project where you could be and put a time frame on it. We’ll brainstorm ideas, you'll be excited and you'll feel that weight lift off your shoulders!

I SHOULD call this the “breath of fresh air” session! 😍 💨

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Discovery Session
Financial Fitness Journey

On-going financial tune-up

This is more of a package deal. We meet as often as needed to fine tune your finances. I do the leg work in finding resources that will help us get YOU to where you want to be.

📈 Progress tracking

🥅 Goal setting

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Free, 30-minute chat to discuss your financial goals and your next steps to achieving them.

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