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Facebook account phished & all options to appeal were disabled

I feel like I need to have a funeral for my Facebook account.

After 16 years, it’s been officially disabled after a very unfortunate phishing hack.

I received a phishing email stating “Facebook Feature Restrictions” - See image attached to this blog

The day that I received that email, I was running Facebook Ads through my business page. I was testing my ad data and was watching my emails regarding ads being accepted or rejected. I had a lot of ads going through that day.

Well, when I got that email I was afraid of my ads being halted so I jumped right on it. Ugh. It indeed halted EVERYTHING.

The phisher posted child pornography.

I think FB flagged my account and IP address because of the pornography and locked it down so much that I couldn’t even access the support inbox to receive a number in order to appeal it through the Oversight Board.

I attempted to log in everyday of the 30 day “account disabled” or under review, but everytime I looked for a support inbox, none was available EXCEPT for the last 3 DAYS of my account suspension. I was able to see somewhat of a support inbox, but when I tried to click on the item under review then it would just spin like it was loading but never went anywhere.

I can’t access my business account. My business’s website was added to my business FB account as an asset which means I can’t add it as an asset to another FB business account.

You’d think that since I spent hundreds of dollars in ads that they’d review my account maybe? But… no

I think FB even flagged my ip address because it was near IMPOSSIBLE to create a new account. I think I was only able to by using a using a private tab and a completely different email address/phone number that wasn’t even BREATHED in my main account.

I tried providing identification using this link, but it rejected it EVERYTIME stating that it wouldn’t accept it. There’s absolutely NO Facebook customer service. I tried emailing or but received no response or a bounce back email stating that my email didn’t go through.

This just sucks so bad and is unfair. I’ve lost a lot of FB memories as I didn’t even backup anything from my account. Like, my FB LIVE of me getting married to my amazing husband? Bye bye.

I kind of really hate you right now Facebook for putting me in such a chokehold.

Maybe look into providing some kind of account protection for a price. I would’ve signed up for it, ya jerks.

RIP Ashley Prince account from 2006 via It was nice knowing you. Guess I have to move on now.


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