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5 facts you might not know about @financialcoachashley:

1. Simplifies the budget process - I simplify the budgeting process and budget differently than anyone I’ve seen budget - no tedious tracking of every little purchase

2. Teaches from personal experiences - Though I’ve learned a lot in college, a lot of what I teach comes from my own personal experiences. I value people who have been there & done that. I seek their knowledge. I like to reciprocate.

3. Fun budgeting process - My budgeting process has been known to be fun! It’s converted people from having money anxiety into being control freaks with their money

4. Love My Clients - I love getting texts from clients, especially when they share their epiphanies! They breathe FIRE into my soul!

5. All Candor - I’m an open book and genuine. I overshare my own personal experiences in hopes to guide others out of self-destruction. I know what depression is like and how thoughts can sabotage our finances. It sucks.

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