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Single and Proud and in DEBT

Updated: Jul 28, 2022

I was enjoying life as a single pringle.

Proud and strong.

I've always been independent.

Successful, cordial divorce in 2016.

Who knew that was even possible?

Had a pretty good setup.

There I was, beginning of 2018

Realizing that my 0% interest credit card offers were about to expire.

I had them maxed out after funding the repairs to my flippin house.


The interest hit

It ate my paycheck alive

It literally felt like a gut punch

What in the hell was I going to do

I was also loving the freedom and flexibility of this fun, single life

I was travelling, picking up and going wherever I wanted to go on a whim

I went to California, NYC, DC, Alabama, Indiana, Germany, Paris, Rome

The world was literally my oyster

But now... How was I going to get out of this PIT I dug for myself

I took a step back and assessed my situation

It took some fenagling, but I put a pretty solid plan together

I'll have to share more of that later

But for now,


<3 Ashley

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