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What strategy should you use to pay off debt? The NOT-Bank-Approved version

You’re very first step to paying off debt should be to Decrease HIGH-interest rates (above 10% imo) ASAP

THEN commit to snowball/avalanche method or whatever works best for you.

I did a google search just now - May 31st 445p EST - “what strategy should you use to pay off debt”

First result is a Wells Fargo article.

I thought “Shiiiiiiiiiiiit. Of COURSE a frickin bank would be #1 result” 😆

They mention lowering interest rates, but not until the bottom of the article.

I just feel like they’re trying to keep your eye off the ball/BIGGEST problem when you’re in debt and drowning - those high interest rates eat at your budget and give no mercy.

Alas. I digress.

I prefer the snowball method.

Happy f*cking Friday, Besties. About f*ckin time! LoL

It’s been a long week with my 9-5.

(I’m a manager of developers. It’s a very stressful time for us right meow)

Have a great weekend!


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