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About me: Ashley Prince

What I want to be known for...

Coaching women to payoff high-interest debt without sacrifice

Budgeting to enjoy life and reach financial goals simultaneously

Relationship building, trustworthy, real, candor.

Motivating others to be excited for their budget and shed the stress around money

Debt-free journey motivation & fun

#1 Problem I Solve:

I help women, who make good money, gain a clear vision of their finances (in 90 days) and implement a plan and pay off high-interest debt so that they can enjoy life with an abundance money mindset.

I help women, who make good money, create a solid plan to pay off high-interest debt and shorten their timeline of their debt-free journey without sacrifices and tedious tracking of spending.

My clients get better control of their money in 90 days without huge sacrifices and stress

I help driven, goal-getting women get a boost on paying off their debts and staying out of debt.

Helping women boost their debt-payoff strategy in less than 3 months while still having fun with life.

I help driven women shorten their debt-payoff timeline to financial relief without sacrificing current lifestyle

Before/After Transformation

BEFORE - In debt and can't seem to get out of debt or it's a very slow process and there's no light at the end of the tunnel. Using credit cards a lot and/or tried consolidating but end up using them again only to dig a deeper hole

AFTER - Control of finances, good money-mindset, using debt-free date as motivation toward goals and shortened time-frame of paying off high-interest debt

How long does it usually take to get my clients this result?

They start making progress TODAY and have a clear vision, motivation and encouragement in 90 days

The real reason my ideal client isn't getting results?

When I first meet with my clients, they're frustrated with not making enough progress, no clear plan, still relying on credit cards, no plan to keep from going further into debt, no emergency fund, poor money mindset, money stress and worries, self-defeating money habits and not budgeting properly. They've tried EVERYTHING and are now feeling hopeless. Information overload.

What advice in your industry do you totally disagree with?

Not consolidating/refinancing to payoff debts - if it works for you, do it!

Not using 401k to payoff debts - but borrow for very short-term only (in 3 months or less), not long-term (>3 months)

Don't need to tracking spending to improve your finances - you really don't

Budgeting for one month at a time is not ideal - map out 4-6 future paydays!

What's holding you back from making this investment?

Perhaps you don't have enough money after bills are paid, you need to make more, and all money is tied up in credit card minimum payments Or maybe you feel you have to get finances organized or pay some things off. NOT TRUE! This is what I help you with! My B.E.S.T.I.E.'s Money Course has bonuses specifically for these hesitations.

What common mistakes do people make that limit success?

The go further or keep going further into debt, don't understand credit, keep using credit cards and they're not leaving enough room in the budget for things they actually want to do. This makes them end up dreading the budget and they avoid it like the plague.

What I believe vs. the status quo

To improve your finances and pay off high-interest debt quickly...

You don't have to cut back on spending

You don't have to micro budgeting - budget for every little purchase

You don't have to track spending - who has time for this?!

You don't have to hustle and sell everything but the kids

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