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My depression loved my credit limit

I know why you're here

Let’s get to the point.

You're here because you're struggling with credit card debt and you've just about had it with them.

You hate them but you can't seem to get away from them and almost feel like it's just a way of life always and




You wanna know the thing that scared the shit out of me??

Since my work performance was down the toilet, I looked at my budget and thought to myself...

"What would it look like if I lost my job today?"

I selected the entire "Income" row on my Budget For Freedom (BFF) spreadsheet and clicked DELETE.

I saw those numbers turn red and DROP.

Instantly I felt sick.

Would you be able to afford 3-6 months of expenses and food if you lost/quit your job?

I was struggling with depression HARD.

Like... I worked from home and pretty much stayed at home for a year - hardly ever showing my face in public, not as much as I used to.

I kept myself depressed by getting myself deeper into credit card debt.

So deep that by the time all the bills and minimum payments were paid, I had like $300 for the month for myself, my dog and my two cats to eat off of.

My BFF keeps it real.

I gave myself a pretty bad reality check

How could....

How could a


, single

, no kids

, making $50k

NOT be able to afford food for the month?!

I want to SEE you get out of this rut, get rid of the credit cards once and for all and start learning what it's like to live debt-free.

Whatever tomorrow brings I'll be there, Ashley

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