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How do people get trapped in cycles of credit card debt

Updated: May 24

If you're wondering "How do people get trapped in cycles of credit card debt"?

Then you came to the right place because I have experience and I'm about to tell you.

Here's how people get trapped in credit card debt:

Take a person who grew up poor and the daughter of a single mother

Growing up, I was taught a LOT of the scarcity mindset. Like, my life would be the case study for "How to naturally have a scarcity mindset." BTW - 0 out of 10 recommend the scarcity mindset

Instant gratification was a really good feeling. I thoroughly enjoyed the irresponsible credit card using days. But damn it. I kinda wish I would have never used them, ever. Not for "in case of emergency" and not because "I can afford the minimum payments." Credit cards are a slippery slope, that's for sure.

YOLO!!!!! You only live ONCE! and that's the way my quarter-life crises went. 28, 29 years old, newly divorced lady living her single hot girl summer days, let me tell ya. lol

To recap:

I grew up poor

Scarcity mindset

Instant gratification


That's how people get trapped in credit card debt.


Wanna know how I got out of the hamster wheel?

Here' my debt-destroying budget guide.

You'll find my BFF in there.

My BFF was a huge support in my breakup with Mr Visa.

She also got me a date with Mr Debt-free.

BFF - Budget For Freedom

If you enjoyed this as much as I enjoyed typing it out, book a call with me and let's hang.

I'd love to guide you in the right direction along your debt free journey! CLICK HERE!

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